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"Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education"
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The 5th International Conference "Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education"

July 16 - 21, 2012
Dubna, Russia

The International Conference "Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education" will be held at the Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) on 16-21 July 2012.

The forthcoming conference will be the fifth one organized by the JINR Laboratory of Information Technologies starting from 2004. The distributed computing and grid-technologies have gone beyond the academic interest since than. The present-day grid-technologies made it possible to integrate the computing centers located at any place worldwide and to provide these computing resources to the users. The present day high technologies ask for the development of high-performance computing. The coverage of the activities involving huge amounts of information throughputs encompasses now not only various areas of natural sciences but also business and industry. During the last few years the implemented distributed computing grid-infrastructure enables the solution of a wide class of tasks that are asking for the processing of enormous amount of data.

The previous conference (http://grid2010.jinr.ru) was attended by more than 250 participants. Over 100 reports were presented. A special section was devoted to the emerging direction of the cloud computing. The reports in the field of distributed computing and Grid, presented by the conference participants from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Ukraine were done at the state-of-the-art level. The Conference Proceedings are available both as hard copies and on-line("Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education", Dubna, JINR, 2010. 452 p. ISBN 978-5-9530-0269-1, http://grid2010.jinr.ru/files/pdf/grid2010.pdf).

The tentative timetable of the present conference foresees in-depth analysis of hot topics such as the development of the global grid-infrastructure providing the optimal use of computing and data storage resources through national grid-infrastructures (National Grid Initiatives, NGIs) as well as the development of the Russian Grid Network.

Conference Topics:

  • Experience accumulated on the implementation and exploitation of grid-infrastructures;
  • Methods and technologies of distributed computing, architecture topics;
  • Network infrastructure for distributed data processing and storage;
  • Algorithms and methods of solving applied problems in distributed computing environments;
  • Theory, modeling, and methods of distributed data processing;
  • Distributed information systems: implementation technologies and usage;
  • Cloud computing and consolidation of the distributed resources
  • Grid-applications in science (high-energy physics, computational chemistry, biology and biomedicine, Earth science, economics, etc.);
  • Education in the field of distributed computing and Grid-technologies.

The main purpose of the Conference is to discuss the challenges of the Grid-technology development in Russia and worldwide, to work out plans for further cooperation, to exchange experience in creation of Grid-infrastructures and in the development of Grid-applications in various fields of human activities. The Conference provides a way for discussing fresh results and for establishing contacts for closer cooperation in future.

Programme of the Conferenceincludes plenary reports in English (30 min), sectional reports (15 min) and poster presentations (in English or Russian).

Conference languages - Russian and English.

Important deadlines:

  • Abstract submission - 25 May, 2012 (at on-line registration or by e-mail)
  • Visa support - 10 May, 2012
  • Registration to Conference - 5 July, 2012 (on-line)
  • Arrival and hotel accommodation - from 15 July, 2012
  • Departure: on 21-22 July 2012

The Conference will be held in the Conference Hall of the Laboratory of Information Technologies, JINR.


Address:   141980, Russia, Moscow region,
Dubna, Joliot Curie Street, 6
Phone:   (7 496 21) 64019, 62308, 64797
Fax:   (7 496 21) 65145
E-mail:   grid2012@jinr.ru
URL:   http://grid2012.jinr.ru/

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